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Paradise Developments Ltd. is a Cayman Island’s company dedicated to providing reasonably priced, high quality infrastructure to the Cayman Islands. It is committed to bringing green, environmentally friendly communities that will enhance the breathtaking beauty of the 3 picturesque sister islands.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring exclusive home building lots located in a friendly and hurricane safe community on Grand Cayman.

Location Information

Purchasing a property in Paradise Gardens is an investment in quality that is bound to appreciate over time as the subdivision is ideally located and close to all amenities. Offering outstanding drainage and lot heights of approximately 16 – 20 feet above sea level, all lots are located well above hurricane flood plains. These lots are just now being offered for sale and are selling fast!

Grand Cayman

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The temperature, summer or winter, seldom goes lower than 70°F. or higher than 90°F. The average is 78°F. in the winter and about 86°F in the summer. The average annual humidity in 2006 was 77 percent. Rainfall varies over the Islands and seasonally. In 2006 rainfall totaled 53.30 inches which is 3.11 inches lower than normal. The wettest month was June with 14.64 inches recorded.The driest month was March with 0.02 of an inch recorded.

Between May and October the prevailing winds are from east to south; from December to April, the coolest season of the year, prevailing winds are from the northeast to northwest. The hurricane season typically lasts from June to November.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is generally higher than in the United States or the United Kingdom, as most commodities are imported and have to bear the cost of freight and insurance, plus customs duty if payable.

This is partly offset by the absence of income and property taxes, but monthly rents on apartments and houses in prime areas are usually quite a bit higher than for comparable properties in the U.S. or U.K. Most are let furnished. Petrol is less expensive than in Britain, though higher than in the U.S. The cost of electricity and water (in properties using desalinated water) can also be higher than a resident of the U.K. or U.S. is accustomed to.


In spring 2006 the estimated population was 51,992; 17% of the population was under 15 years of age, and about six percent was over 65. About 49% of the work force were non-Caymanians admitted under the work permit system which controls the inflow of foreign skills and labour. The majority of work permit holders (about 80%) come from Jamaica, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Honduras.

The population of the Islands at the last census, taken in 1999, was 39,410. The resident total was divided between Grand Cayman 23,881; Cayman Brac 1,822; and Little Cayman 115. Of the 14,908 households in the Islands, 45% were owner-occupied.

Paradise Gardens Lots Available

Lot Community Lot Size Price ($KYD) Avaliability
1 / Parcel 202 Paradise Gardens1 13,475ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
5 / Parcel 206 Paradise Gardens1 13,517ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
6 / Parcel 207 Paradise Gardens1 13,521ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
9 / Parcel 239 Paradise Gardens1 13,530ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
14 / Parcel 256 Paradise Gardens1 13,492ft2 $80,000 KYD Sold See More
17 / Parcel 253 Paradise Gardens1 13,502ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
18 / Parcel 252 Paradise Gardens1 13,517ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
19 / Parcel 251 Paradise Gardens2 13,507ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
20 / Parcel 250 Paradise Gardens2 13,494ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
21 / Parcel 249 Paradise Gardens2 13,499ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
22 / Parcel 248 Paradise Gardens2 17,092ft2 $101,000 KYD Available See More
23 / Parcel 264 Paradise Gardens2 13,499ft2 $80,000 KYD Sold See More
24 / Parcel 265 Paradise Gardens2 13,899ft2 $82,000 KYD Available See More
25 / Parcel 266 Paradise Gardens2 13516ft2 $80,000 KYD Available See More
26 / Parcel 267 Paradise Gardens3 17,140ft2 $101,000 KYD Available See More
27 / Parcel 268 Paradise Gardens3 17,140ft2 $82,000 KYD Available See More
28 / Parcel 269 Paradise Gardens3 13,595ft2 $80,000 KYD Sold See More
29 / Parcel 270 Paradise Gardens3 13,625ft2 $80,000 KYD Sold See More

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Welcome to The Caymans

Paradise Developments Ltd. presents Paradise Gardens, a unique opportunity to live or invest in a newly released real estate development project located on beautiful Grand Cayman Island. Whether you are looking for a sound real estate investment, a vacation home or a tropical Caribbean paradise in which to retire, Paradise Gardens has it all.

We are now offering for sale 44 prime residential building lots in Paradise Gardens, a subdivision  in fabulous Beach Bay. Surrounded by lush vegetation, Paradise Gardens is ideally situated in an area that is both high and dry, offering seclusion and privacy. Located in the secure and safe area of Beach Bay, Paradise Gardens is close to George Town and just five minutes from the new Country Side Shopping Center.

Living in the Caymans

Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Islands, is safe, stable and family oriented and provides a tranquil relaxed living environment. Removed from the hustle and bustle of North America, it is just a one hour flight from Miami, making it a retreat that is still easily accessible. Living on Grand Cayman is like being on vacation every day of your life, with its rich culture and unbeatable tropical weather.

Investing in the Caymans

Real estate investing in the Cayman Islands promises to be a profitable venture, with property values appreciating significantly over the past two decades and continuing to climb. There are no annual property taxes in the Cayman Islands, setting it apart from most other destinations and making it an unparalleled investment opportunity.

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Paradise Gardens

ParadiseDevelopments Ltd.
P.O. Box 31091 Cayman Islands
British West Indies, KY1-1205
Telephone: 345 927 5847
email: info@caymanlots.com

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